Me & My family

Rev. Dr. Jason Butler

Hey world. Here’s a little about me: I’m the Senior Pastor of Open Table UMC in Raleigh, NC (a church I “planted” or should we say “refocused.” I have a Dmin from Duke Divinity and degrees from Asbury Seminary (that’s a story) and Campbell University. Before Open Table, I was in Milwaukee, WI (so cold) where I started Transformation City Church and a few non-profits as well. Yes, I like to start things.

I speak at different places on a variety of subjects. I’m passionate about social justice – specifically the ideas around Jubilee, economic justice, and equality. A tendency of the progressive church is to sometimes distant itself from Scripture, seeing Scripture as sometimes “problematic.” But I think the future of the progressive church is to properly understand what Scripture is saying to us. I often think that the Bible is more about economics than anything else – and how a properly ordered economic world leads to shalom…and God is calling humans into a salvific shalom of renouncing our practices of oppression and marginalization against one another. I believe that the progressive church is stronger when it is firmly rooted in Scripture. This is what I speak on the most.

Issues of social justice and community development are central to my understanding of Scripture so I speak on this a lot as well.

But I’ve also planted 2 churches and worked a ton with other church planters – and my dissertation is on the connection between community organizing and church planting and how the principles of community organizing can help church planters build churches that produce community flourishing.

I’ve founded two non-profits and served on the board of several others, so I understand the dynamics of organizations and board leadership. Because of this experience I often speak to business and non-profit leaders about the power of compassion to birth innovation and adaptation. Yes – compassion is possibly the most powerful tool we have as humans. At least, that’s what Darwin says (yep, its true).

I currently live in Raleigh with my wife and three kids.

Oh, and I also ride a Harley!