If you would like to chat more about inviting me in to speak at your church, conference, or group then contact me and we’ll chat more. I can mold each of the topics below from a 15-minute TED talk, to a 20-30 minute sermon or keynote, to a more involved breakout/training seminar. All of my talks are inspiration, full of passion, and educational as I use passion and story to connect the audience. If you read the “about me” page you’ll get a sense of what I speak on – but here are the 4 main subjects I am most knowledgable about speaking on.

Progressive Christianity & Scripture 

  • A tendency of the progressive church is to sometimes distant itself from Scripture, seeing Scripture as sometimes “problematic.” But I think the future of the progressive church is to properly understand what Scripture is saying to us.  I believe that the progressive church is stronger when it is firmly rooted in Scripture.

Economic Justice, Jubilee, and Equality

  • What is the most central idea in Scripture? Would you believe it if I told you “land”? This is because the Bible is fundamentally economic in nature and our most primary sin is exploiting the “other” by establishing systems that exploit, marginalize, and scapegoat.  The good news of Jesus is Jubilee – and how a properly ordered economic world leads to shalom…and God is calling humans into a salvific shalom of renouncing our practices of oppression and marginalization against one another. Of course, economics is not always just about money – but about anything we place a value of commodity on. This heavily impacts how we engage in the work of justice work to stand for gender, racial, and sexual equality.

The Principles of Community Organizing to Empower Church Planting & Church Rejuvenation

  • I’ve planted 2 churches in 2 different cities and worked a ton to coach and lead other church planters. I’ve also been trained as a community organizer and led major campaigns that have produced major change. My dissertation studies and presents a model that makes the connection between community organizing and church planting and how the principles of community organizing can help church planters build churches that produce community flourishing.

The Power of Compassion to Birth Innovation & Adaptation

  •  I also speak to business groups about the power of compassion to birth innovation and adaptation. Yes – compassion is possibly the most powerful tool we have as humans. At least, that’s what Darwin says (yep, its true). Compassion is a powerful tool to help organizations “assemble with care” that have incredible benefits for their organizational structure, the health and productivity of their employees, and their ability to connect with their consumers. When the power of compassion is understood and put into action it helps organizations and businesses innovate and adapt more readily to a rapidly-changing world.